Why is it important to have a bar LED display in the center of the stage?

The psychedelic lights that move along with the changing rhythm of the movement, the music and wine that provokes you to drink, the hot and unrestrained graceful dance, and the ultimate combination of many elements evoke people’s high emotions.

The intimate interaction between people is carried out recklessly in various sensory stimuli, and the friction between the shuttle and dance arouses people’s desire to play and indulge. The stage is not only a place for emotional diffusion, but also the soul of bar management.

LED DJ booth display
LED DJ booth display

The stage design service of the bar should start from the perspective of practicality, artistry and science. The content of the service includes the bar stage space design, the stage appearance design and the stage advanced customization service. Here we can elaborate on 3 points.

Cater to market demand

In first-tier cities with relatively low pressure on human resource costs, we tend to choose large-scale lift stages or T-shaped stage designs with greater atmospheric influence, and use Dancers’ hot songs and dances to drive the bar atmosphere.

In second- and third-tier cities with relatively obvious human resource shortcomings, it is more sensible to set up a small lift stage or DJ booth, because even if the investment is reduced, the interactive effect can still be guaranteed.

LED DJ booth display
LED DJ booth display

According to a number of bar LED display cases we have done in the past, in practical applications, we will also provide customers with customized size design and stage appearance design according to the physical volume of the bar space and the overall decoration style.

Integrate information technology

Walking in the forefront of the times, we continue to incorporate controllable information-based mechanical design into the bar stage design, use programmed LED equipment to create a 3D visual space, and create different light and shadows and patterns, making consumers feel as if they are in The sky in space, feel the interlacing of time and space. Or use the modern display on the wall to match the sound effects and phantom patterns of the night show to show the trend, making the stage a place for people to relax their souls.

LED DJ booth
LED DJ booth display

Show the beauty of rhythm

In the design, we boldly change the lines and graphics, and cooperate with the lighting to create a complex and beautiful dazzling effect, which makes the bar stage full of fashionable and blurred visual charm, and makes consumers jump with the rhythm of music.

In the process of designing stage displays, we often encounter a relatively common problem that needs to be solved, that is, the power lines of LEDs. This kind of texture often affects the viewing effect of the LED display, so we need to adjust it.

The principle of LED power supply ripple
The LED power supply ripple is a phenomenon caused by the voltage fluctuation of the DC stable power supply, because the DC stable power supply is generally formed by the rectification and voltage regulation of the AC power supply, which is inevitably caused by the amount of DC stability. There are some AC components, and this AC component superimposed on the DC stabilized quantity is called ripple.

How to Eliminate the Effect of LED Power Supply Ripple
There are many ways to suppress and remove harmonics and ripples in LED power supply, but it seems very difficult to completely eliminate them. Only by controlling them within an allowable range without affecting the environment and equipment, even if it reaches our standard Purpose.

The usual way to suppress or reduce it, we can do this:
Increase inductance and output capacitor filtering
According to the formula of the LED driving power supply, the current fluctuation in the inductor is inversely proportional to the inductance value, and the output ripple is inversely proportional to the output capacitance value. Therefore, increasing the inductor value and output capacitor value can reduce the ripple.
The relationship between output ripple and output capacitance: vripple=Imax/(Co×f).
It can be seen that increasing the value of the output capacitor can reduce the ripple. The usual practice, for the output capacitor, use aluminum electrolytic capacitors to achieve the purpose of large capacity. However, electrolytic capacitors are not very effective in suppressing high-frequency noise, and the ESR is relatively large, so a ceramic capacitor is connected in parallel next to it to make up for the lack of aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

At the same time, when the LED driving power supply is working, the voltage Vin at the input terminal does not change, but the current changes with the switch. At this time, the input power supply will not provide current very well. Usually, it is close to the current input terminal (in the case of BucK type, it is near SWITcH), and the capacitor is connected in parallel to provide current.

Two-stage filtering is to add a first-stage LC filter
The LC filter has an obvious inhibitory effect on noise and ripple. According to the frequency of the ripple to be removed, an appropriate inductor and capacitor are selected to form a filter circuit, which can generally reduce the ripple well. However, in this case, the sampling point of the feedback comparison voltage needs to be considered.

If the sampling point is selected before the LC filter (Pa), the output voltage will decrease. Because any inductor has a DC resistance, when there is current output, there will be a voltage drop across the inductor, causing the output voltage of the power supply to drop. And this voltage drop varies with the output current.

The above is the role of the stage installation bar LED display, and the introduction of the solution to the LED power lines. For more knowledge about LED display, please click the blog link above.



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