What business opportunities does smart city construction bring to LED manufacturers?

With the continuous development of human society, how to use new technology products to create a scientific and reasonable “smart city” has become the focus of attention from all walks of life. Smart city is the use of information and communication technology to sense, analyze, and integrate various key information of the core system of urban operation, so as to make intelligent responses to various needs including people’s livelihood, environmental protection, public safety, urban services, and industrial and commercial activities.

Its essence is to use advanced information technology to realize the intelligent management and operation of the city, thereby creating a better life for the people in the city and promoting the harmonious and sustainable growth of the city.
The comprehensive rollout of the smart city trillion market cake covers a very wide range of applications, such as smart transportation, smart security, smart energy, smart medical care, smart education, and smart government affairs. This is also the application of LED large-screen display products The expansion of the market scale provides a huge space for development.

stadium LED display-
stadium LED display-

Accordingly, through the layout of several LED display companies, we can see that they have identified their own business opportunities in the construction of “smart cities”, and have their own plans to deal with the construction of “smart cities”.

The construction of “smart city” first brings huge business opportunities in the field of outdoor public facilities and public transportation. The original traditional outdoor media is mainly based on outdoor LED, paper media, and a small number of LCD screens. In smart cities, a large number of outdoor window kiosks, LCD screens will be replaced by small LED pitches, because LED screens have unique characteristics such as long life, energy saving and emission reduction, environmental protection, adjustable brightness, waterproof and dustproof, and strong UV resistance. .

Combined with a powerful integrated management platform, it can be realized: real-time update of advertisements remotely, paperless media, implementation and release of road traffic in the bus system, vehicle departure, arrival, and fault information; in the public safety system: rapid emergency response, timely evacuation crowd, the function of maintaining social stability.
Secondly, there is also a huge potential market in the fields of indoor security monitoring, command and dispatch, and conference rooms. Traditional display technologies such as LCD, DLP, projection fusion and other technologies have seams to varying degrees, easy to be affected by ambient light, low brightness, and inconsistent color brightness. , high power consumption, low life and many other disadvantages.

Outdoor LED curved display screen
Outdoor LED curved display screen

The small LED pitch has many advantages such as seamless, low brightness and high gray, high refresh rate, full mute, automatic brightness adaptation to the environment, etc., which can not only meet the display needs of industry applications, but also meet the highly integrated and digital society under the smart city. development trend.

In the face of the business brought by the construction of “smart city” to LED display companies, conventional displays can no longer meet the development of “smart city” construction, but to develop some new products on the basis of the original display.

Including high-definition, highlighting, monitoring, temperature, humidity, Wifi, voice, video, intercom and other functions, these functions are slowly precipitated and summarized through the requirements of engineering companies and customers all over the country, so this market is very huge.

Smart cities are not just for engineering companies. This is indeed used in the construction of smart cities, but smart cities are more of an entry point. It also includes many civilian markets, such as shops and businesses. Small high-definition, with monitoring, with Wifi, with temperature, with humidity, with PM value, with voice and video, etc., used for storefronts, advertising for their own stores, information release, etc. These are all markets.
We know that with the rise of the “smart city” trend in major cities in recent years, the construction of “smart city” is a business opportunity for LED display companies and a key opportunity for the diversion of major LED display companies.

To this end, many LED display companies have entered the huge potential market of “smart city” construction. For example, JYLED, as early as the end of 2015, its smart city project costing 120 million yuan has completed infrastructure construction, and In 2017, it entered the official promotion stage. Of course, companies like Unilumin, Tongpu, Aureda, Caixun, GQY, Tonghui Jiashi, and Skyworth Qunxin have all launched special solutions for smart city construction.
It is foreseeable that in the next few years, more and more LED display manufacturers will make efforts in the “smart city”, let us look forward to that day!



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