How many types of LED screens are there?

There are many types of led screens, which can be divided from display color, model, application environment, display function, and packaging. 1. From the perspective of color, the led display can be divided into: single-color led display (led walking screen..), led two-color screen (generally used to display subtitles), led full-color screen (now commonly used led […]

Are LCD screens transparent?

Like the transparent LED display, the LCD screens transparent is a modified product. It is like an ordinary cup, adding a digital temperature display to it, a charging interface, or some other functions, although the essence is still a cup, but At this time it has been upgraded to another product. Transparent LCD display and […]

indoor Transparent led screen

What is transparent LED screen?

Transparent LED screen is a kind of LED display that has the property of passing light like glass. Its special permeability allows it to be installed on the front and back of the glass without affecting the display of surrounding items. It is also because it is different from other LED displays, so it is […]

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